2024. June 16., Sunday

Geoscience MSc

As the professionals graduated in geosciences MSc is in the possession of high-quality, reliable and complex knowledge in geosciences and in the related fields as well, and as they are able to use the scientific language at high level in at least one foreign language, they are able to recognise problems and to solve theoretical and practical tasks independently.

The geoscientific researchers are able to collect data characterising the processes of the lithosphere, the hydrosphere, the pedosphere and the atmosphere, to analyse these data in quantitative and qualitative ways and to draw conclusions based on the results. They ensure the renewal of experts in the fields of research and technological development requiring high-level geoscientific knowledge and in addition they also ensure the renewal of PhD student and later on the lectures in higher education. Based on the employment statistics of many years on the students graduated in the above presented majors and the specialisations, it can be concluded that researchers with master degree in geosciences are needed in the following fields:


1. professional management in mining and geology

2. water management, protection of water resources, professional management of water services

3. sustainable use of alternative energy (geothermics, wind energy, solar energy)

4. professional management of environmental protection and environmental industry

5. waste management

6. companies operating in the field of environmental protection and environmental industry

7. professional management in soil science and soil conservation

8. local governments, regional development centres

9. energy sector (fossil and alternative energy)

10. agricultural/land registering/building and construction administration offices

11. nature protection, national parks (geological nature protection)

12. museums, archaeology