Frequently asked questions

What are the language requirements?

Two language exams are required. A B2 level English language exam is obligatory (but you already have that due to the entrance requirements). The other language exam should be at least on the A2 level.

Is the Hungarian language exam acceptable?

Yes, foreign students can take a language exam in Hungarian.

Is my mother tongue acceptable?

The Council of the Doctoral School decides whether a language is acceptable. The basic principle is the following: if there is “significant scientific output” on that language it can be accepted as a second language.

How can I prove the knowledge of my mother tongue?

Various official documents are acceptable. E.g. certificates or diplomas proving that the student has performed previous studies (elementary school, high school, university, e.g.) on that language.

How many courses and credits are needed per semester?

Altogether 240 credits are required during the training. On average, 30 credits should be acquired per semester. However, the schedule can vary from one student to another: it is possible to register more (and less) than 30 credits in a semester.

Which courses should I take?

Each student has an individual learning path. You can choose from the courses opened within the doctoral school according to your interests, research topic etc.

Are there obligatory courses?

Yes: Research courses (from Research 1 to Research 6) are obligatory from the second year (semester 3) throughout the remaining semesters of the training (i.e. in each semester from 3rd to 8th). Each research course worth 20 credits. Altogether 120 research credits should be collected.

Progress report courses are also obligatory in semester 2, 4, 6 and 8. These courses are managed by the head and the coordinator of the doctoral school.

Furthermore, Education courses are highly recommended.

Are the Conference and Poster courses obligatory?

No. You can gain credits from these courses but they are not obligatory. However, it is highly recommended to participate in conferences to present and discuss your research.

Which Research course should I take?

Research courses are assigned to the heads of departments, thus you should register for the course assigned to the head of that department where you conduct your research.

What are the publication requirements?

At least 3 first-authored, peer-reviewed publications within the topic of the dissertation are needed. Among the 3 publications:

• At least 1 publication must be in a Scopus indexed journal

• At least 1 must be an English language publication

Are there weekly lectures during the doctoral training?

It depends on the course. You should discuss the course schedule with the instructor: they decide on course formats.

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